Planning, Design and Installation of a Complete Sub-Station...


Delivery of Equipments from Asian, European Origin with Local Product...


We are Ready to Serve any High Voltage Electrical Construction project Anywhere in Bangladesh...


We Offer Regular Maintenance and in the unlikely event of any problem...

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About Electrobase

Electrobase Group is one of the leading companies in the growing area of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation, Farming and Agriculture in Bangladesh. Electrobase started its Journey in 2013 with the leading Supplier & Service provider of Substation and Engineering Low Voltage products...


  • Top Quality Electrical Supplies for Installers,Contractors, Commercial and Industrial users.
  • Planning, Design, Installation and Maintenance of a Complete Sub-Station.
  • Design Development and Installation
  • Electrical Testing and Solution's for the Energy Distribution
  • Delivery of Equipment from Asian, European Origin with Local Product approval
  • Annual Service Agreement.
  • Safe reliable electric Services.
  • Planning, Design and Installation of Bus-Bar Trunking System.
  • Repair and Re-Conditioning Service
  • Design and Manufacturing of MDB and SDB.
  • Properly servicing of PFI Plant.
  • Regular Maintenance in the unlikely event of any problem
  • Cable Trays Producer
  • Transformer Oil Processing Services

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